Is North Korea really starting a war?

the market was bad today – everybody blamed North Korea. Dollar reversed its decline, gold shone again and of course, commodities and stocks suck. Headline news were terrible…

but what’s the point for us investors?

i suspect it could be a good mid-correction during bubble creation – i.e. a good re-entry point is approaching.

Why? Putting any consipracy aside, a stronger dollar against everybody else is exactly what China needs today to relieve RMB appreciation pressure just a bit – China will raise its currency value but it just needs time. And a temparily rising dollar could delay that for a while.

Why Chinese currency not rising too quickly a good thing to the whole world? Well, ’cause China is now the mother of the whole world’s growth. China bubble is almost inevitable but nobody wants it so soon – otherwise no one would feel happy, neither politicians and voters, nor investors.

And China stands behind North Korea -without China’s fuel supply, North Korea army can’t even make its tanks’ run for too long. So just forget about these noise about a coming war between North Korea and South Korea.

You might want to actually worry about a war between China and US – but G2 are really playing a co-existing game now to grow at expense of everybody else.  And none of two countries are ready for a direct conflict – yet.

BUY – particularly Korean blue-chips tomorrow if Korea market opens low in big gap.


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