G2 Business Philosophy

We view our investors as our business partners and we aim to build an enduring business. We’re committed to earning our investors superior risk-adjusted return over a reasonable time period, typically 2-3 years, which is consistent with many businesses’ own investment time horizon. While our investment edge assures ultimate investment success, we provide adequate downside protection that matches each investor’s own risk appetite. 

We feel excited to go to work every morning not because we can make some short term trading gain, but because we’re building a business that creates enormous value for clients far beyond the cost of the resources they use. We thrive only when our profit margin generates a “customer’s margin”, a level of profitability that matches the value of clients’ satisfaction beyond the price paid.

Our name G2 does not just stand for the bi-polar political and economical power strucuture existing today in the world – it is dervied from Glorifying God. Our wealth is not created by us. It’s given by God. As money managers, we simply take best care of the money God has given us with the wisdom from God. In that process, we do honorable things as witness to glorify our heavenly father.

<< Matthew 5:16 >>:  “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”